The dry heat mask decontamination machine

What is M-steryl?

M-steryl is a dry heat mask decontamination machine useful for all places using many masks (hospitals, care homes, large companies, shops, public service …).

How does it work?

The decontamination lasts 2 hours (handling included) and includes 3 stages:

1) The user deposits his masks in his named box. He closes his box.

2) The machine operator retrieves the box and inserts it into the machine without ever opening it. He launches the cycle.

3) When the cycle is finished, the operator redistributes the boxes to the users. From the beginning to the end of the operation, the box will never have been opened but the masks will be well decontaminated

What are the processing capabilities?

The M-steryl can contain 35 small boxes of each 5 surgical masks per cycle, which is equivalent to 175 decontaminated masks per cycle. With the possibility of doing 12 cycles per day, it is possible to decontaminate 2100 surgical masks per day.

As the FFP2 masks are larger, it is possible to process 120 (KN95 model) per cycle and therefore 1,440 per day. For shell models, it is possible to process 864 per day. Finally, concerning the gowns, it is possible to treat 12 of them per cycle and therefore 144 per day on a basis of 12 cycles.

What tests are carried out?

AMB Ecosteryl’s dry heat decontamination protocol decontaminates the mask, which has been infected by any bacteria or by COVID-19, while preserving its integrity of performance.

To comply with the FAMHP guidance, 3 types of tests were carried out on 2 types of masks (type II surgical andKN95 respiratory protection).

• First, the “barrier” tests to preserve the physical characteristics of the mask (breathability and filtration) in partnership with Nelson Labs and Centexbel.

• Second, microbiological tests to demonstrate a level of lethality greater than or equal to 6 log (99.9999%).

• Third, tests carried out on a “PRCV” substitution virus very close to Covid-19.

Each M-steryl machine is also individually tested with biological indicators to attest to its lethality capacity (according to the request of the FAMHP).

How often is it possible to decontaminate the masks?

We have carried out tests to decontaminate the masks 3 times. It is therefore possible to use up to 4 times the same mask.



What are the dimensions / weight of the machine ?

Width = 74,5 cm (29.33 in)
Height = 86,4 cm (33.23 in)
Depth = 58,4 cm (22.99 in)
For a weight of around 74 kg. (163 lb)

Electricity ?

The machine plugs into a standard 120-volt outlet. The power is 2800 watts. The typical consumption of a
2 hour cycle is 0.8 kW / hours.

Is there a warranty ?

The machine is guaranteed for 1 year on labor and 3 years on parts

Delivery ?

The machine is packed on a pallet and available in our factory.
It can be delivered with our or your carrier.

You want to order a machine?

Please contact TMPC at info@tmpcinc.com for more information or to place an order. We need the following information:

Name, Tel #, Email, Number of Devices interest in, and additional comments and one of us will contact you ASAP.

Deliveries will be made according to the order of the orders, it takes approximately 3 weeks between
the order and the delivery.

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