Cloud Transition

For a secure and smooth transition to the cloud, you need a trusted cloud transition partner. Through TMPC’s comprehensive portfolio of technological tools, services, and capabilities, our team can take your cloud transition project through its entire life cycle. From assessment + strategy to cloud transition + migration to cloud management, we not only lay out the road map, but we guide you through real time operation and logistics.

We can transition applications coded in over 30 languages. During the process, we reverse engineer the business rules so you have an understanding of how the legacy applications function. Our emphasis on standards also means our tool delivers applications that are ready to slot seamlessly into your enterprise architecture.

With 30+ million lines of code translated, we deliver a robust and mature solution with minimal risk that is tailor-made for no-fail missions. Translated code is currently flying in F-16s and operating in Patriot Missile batteries, as well as in more standard enterprise functions.

No matter the scale or scope of your project, our automated tools deliver fast, easy, and secure results. Our efficient and optimized process will enable you to seamlessly improve IT agility and speed development, while you develop new resources and strategies that impact business growth.

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Infrastructure Support

Lighting the way in next generation IT systems and services, we help our clients adopt new and emerging technologies at appropriate scale and value across the entire supply chain.

Organizational Design

Unlock your competitive edge with winning practices and optimal operations. TMPC’s organizational development services include program and project support; continuous process improvement; communications; risk management; and change management.

Insider Threat and Cyber Security

With an in-depth understanding of legal, IT, and regulatory compliance, we provide the most actionable methodologies and guidance to protect and support mission-critical systems, networks, facilities, and personnel.

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